Vienmerisce Etytellectual & Theological Acquirate: Educational Learning Program VETA-ELP

"Everyday is a new start, so begin everyday like it's your best".

Available for official VMAS/VMAFS-USA civic members only.

VETA-ELP:  Students & Attendees

"Come enjoy the over-cumulating vast numbers of VMAFS-USA civic members who enrolled to obtain the world's most desired gift; the power of knowledge and family unity".

Participating VM civic members of our society.

Vienmerisce Linguistics

Enroll for Vienmerisce Linguistics Acquirate

Learn to speak a U.S. American ethnic language of modern U.S. America, a traditional heritage form of communication emdowed upon VMAS civic members. Vienmerisce linguistics is an alternative way to speak and express to each other and promote diversity in culture within our local community.

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Vienmerisce Etytellectual Acquirate (ELP)

The following contexted enformation provided on our VMAS/VMAFS-USA website is strictly for Vienmerisce civic members only.

Vienmerisce Etytellectual Acquirate @ VM Autiaeir Marteir

Thank you for your enterest in our VM Education and Academics Program for youth and adults. 


Before starting classes and receiving any study or learning textbooks/assignments, you must complete a VETA-ELP application to be enrolled for the program. After enrollment you must carry with you at all times your VM Identification card & booklet, acknowledging that you are a official civic member of our Vienmerisce American Society. Also memorize your special assigned VM Identification combination number.


At our VM Autiaeir Martreir, VETA-ELP offers a variety of academic subjects and essential educational basics offered as a obligatory requirement to succeed and move forward in beginning any ELP level within the VM Etytellectual Acquirate ELP.


All enrolled students are tutored and tested to discover and practice their skills to identify what level of intelligence you are at in the academic system.


Always arrive prepared to all class meetings and be ready to do your best and apply your utmost potential on every assignment dispatched from our VM ELP sessions. Remember to take your time, don't rush yourself to finish; and review carefully. 


VETA-ELP offers additional hours where you can study over-time and get the tutoring you desire to fulfill your thirst for knowledge.

Vienmerisce Etytellectual Acquirate - Educational Learning Program


U.S. American History

Fitness & Nutrition

Math Basics

Environmental Science

Vienmerisce Theological Acquirate (ELP)

The following contexted information provided on our VMAS/VMAFS-USA website is strictly for Vienmerisce civic members only.

Vienmerisce Theological Acquirate @ VM Autiaeir Martreir


A philosophy and ethical usage in our VM Theological Acquirate to emphasize directly on educating the tolerance of ascetics (moral ethics) to our fellow Vienmerisce Youth to progress as mannered successful adults. A traditional form of family heritage usually practice in a common U.S. American home & regular VM Academic school.


Vienmerisce are honorable religious family community entity group and very strict about how they associate themselves. Vienmerisce are very traditional in many ways and uphold many old fashion views when it comes to family law & traditional heritage. Education is a primary & mandatory standard expected from all children growing up until they reach adulthood and onward if they prefer to pursue a profession to teach education. Vienmerisce family laws consist of many traditional ancestric U.S. American and Euroasian heritage, also known as Olde English Americans. Vienmerisce occupational majority are of students, athletes, teachers, administrators, authors, artist, contractors, and farmers.


Ideal Statements to take into Consideration:

- Importance, priority- mandatory over personal preference.

- Quality over quantity. (Many of demand, over -many of anything). Mechanical Performance over appearance (pricing).

- Investment of time, shows commitment invested. Dedication-knowledge and enthusiasm- participation.

- If you don't know, ask somebody. Word of mouth, if many says-majority idea matters.

- Learning from faults & from self-others' experiences.

- Being accepting to good and revoking bad.

- You are not a judge but a simple witness who can proclaim a event took place but not to execute the jurisdiction of the actions were criminal or not guilty.

- To interpret is to translate a form into a legible meaning, to implicate is to prioritize a specific importance directly.


Theological Lecturual Proclaimation on the topic of Furthering Education as a Adult and it's reasonable purpose:

"Without a educational Degree of intelligence, your opinion and ideas won't matter opposed to a persons views with a education and educational degree. Simplizing the idea of mind & words to define a persons represented power. Empowering your voice-words with a proof of self-educational history and proof of knowledge proves your factual sanity. (Uneducated person with no educational degree, categorized as unfactual irrealistic innoscriptive expressions, expresses all statements with ridiculous sub-facts concluded as super inferior ideas)".

Emportant Reminder:

Q: How to become a future VETA-ELP Student?

A: You must be an official VMAS/VMAFS Civic Member and complete the VETA-ELP application and approved by VMAS-USA Monocracy Leuvaulte-Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte to be enrolled to begin attending classes and start learning.

Emportant Reminder:

All VMAS/VMAFS-USA civic members must bring their VM-ID to all meetings & events to attend, encluding any VM acquirate classes.

Available for VM civic members only.

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