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MTCA-MB-USA offers a variety of clothing and accessory merchandise encluding signature services such as: Photography, Bakery, Stylist/Tayloring, and Cosmetology Expert for face and hair.

Miyze Trendy Chingsta Autique USA

Contact VM Civic Services if you are enterested or have any questions regarding our online stores.

MTCA-MB-USA is available for official VMAS/VMAFS-USA civic members only.

+Signature Trends @ Miyze Trendy Chingsta Autique

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Miyze Trendy Chingsta Autique

Merchandise Beautique For Local Ladies


Local ladies, youthful modern All-American merchandise boutique. Miyze Trendy Chingsta Autique Merchandise Beautique offers a wide variety of ideal accessories, products, modern-personalized clothing, convinence stop, tailoring, gift-souvenirs, young ladies magazine, local events organizer and more.

Miyze Trendy Chingsta Autique Merchandise Beautique (MTCA-MB) is based on California's local modern trend aspired by the creator of MTCA-MB's signature trend; well-known as the notorious 'Cali Swagg', 'Oregon (OR) Cuteszie', 'Vitelyna BeBeaute', 'Miyze Trendy Chingsta' (prime), 'Vik Gal', 'Saint Leubeignaulte', 'Audia Acutia', 'Cupcake Rebellion' and 'Northern Wretch', who's themes promote an expressive feminist pride and modern fashion appeal. 

Fashion and tailoring @ MTCA-MB originally co-expresses a modern Feminist Strength, Arise in Individuality and Simple Witty Personality. 

Miyze Trendy Chingsta Autique promotes ennovation to modern fashion appeal in a civic family community where independent ladies with diverse personalities can all commonly find something to enjoy.

MTCA-MB supports non-profit organizations such as Vienmerisce American Society VMAS/VMAFS-USA, VM Education & Academics, VM charity, equality-freedom, U.S. American political government, child-youth care, reuniting families and VM Inircompromise for the Future.

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Conditional Terms & Policies

See Exemptions: Available for VMAS-USA members only. Accept Debit & Cash Only.

Private Business. Not Open to the Public.

Distribution of Merchandise-Gift Cards purchased from MTCA-MB accepted only; No secondary or third+ entities vendor cards will not be accepted.

We will accept Pre-Paid Merchandise Cards purchased and deposits for reloading MTCA-MB cards from our official store or any of our Vienmerisce corporate offices, such as: Vienmerisce Financial Dispatch Bank, or Vienmerisce National Civic Autiaeir Martreir.

MTCA-MB also has complementary vouchers available as promotional starters, gifts, special occasion certificates and gift vouchers.

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Available for VMAS/VMAFS-USA civic members only.

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