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WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL VIENMERISCE WEBSITE! Greetings to all official fellow VMAS/VMAFS-USA civic members of our family community! Search for more emformation on our organization here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Enjoy your online tour! In case of emergency, contact Civic Services to enquire.

Have an Blessive Vienmerisce New Year, Y2023! 

April 22nd, 2023

Have an Blessive Vienmerisce New Year, Y2023! 

April 22nd, 2023

Today is the 2nd New Year of the U.S. American ethnicity-community, Vienmerisce American Society.

April 22nd marks the day of the incorporation of this religious-social community organization in the state of California (U.S.A.) as an active Domestic Non-Profit corporation business since Y2021.

Vienmerisce, is a U.S. American Ethnic Civic Family Organization who only provides services for fellow members & their guest to attend civic events. Those who enquire that want to become a member will be evaluated and will attend the 'Entritiation' before becoming a official civic member of VMAS/VMAFS. Those who would not be allowed and denied membership are Non-Affiliates, such as Non-Relatives of the Vienmerisce Corporation Owner F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire, the Official Monocracy Leuvaulte, Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte of Vienmerisce American Society [VMAS-USA] Corporation.

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California's Election of USA 2024!

Get ready Californian Voter's for next year's upcoming election of 2024!

Who's gonna be the next to take on the Congress role for California's Senate & District 18's House of Representatives in 2024.

Show your Patriotic Spirit by getting envolved this year and voting for the right candidate for your District of California. California holds 53 Districts and each has it's own Congress representative, and they are the House of Representatives.

California's Primary State-Wide Election will begin March 5th, 2024.

California's General Election will begin November 5th, 2024.

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Happy Vietnamese Lunar New Year of 2023, Year of the Cat!

Bestest wishes to all our fellow VMAS-USA civic members.

Happy Cambodian Lunar New Year of 2023 in the USA!

🐰Three day traditional festival of 2023 in the USA, year of the Rabbit!πŸ‡

April 14th - 16th, 2023

VMAFS-USA: Communions, Associations, Clubs, Support Groups & Organizations Encorporated within VMAS.

Check out what's poppin' within our society. Browse photos & read stories on members in our society. Look up upcoming events & new activities enjoyed here at our Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS-USA) national website.

[Age Restriction: Exempt +40 & +65 Seniors]

Vienmerisce Youth Association

Youth Children:
4yrs - 13yrs

Vienmerisce children & youth elementary organization. VM children are welcome to come join & learn a variety of  exciting children courses produced for children who are starting entroductory elementary for the first time, also children who are already in elementary who want to participate to begin extra learning activities aside from their primary schooling. Decide if you need an alternative to your currrent full-time education service or choose to have additional educational service on your spare time. Children here get to enjoy classroom learning sessions & lectures, group activities, also attended special events sponsored by VMAFS-USA.

Vienmerisce Teen Club

Teens & Young Adults:
14yrs - 24yrs

Find fun activities & other teenies like yourself. Get envolved to progress as a maturing youth of our Vienmerisce Society. Enroll if you are a teenie, attend one of our teen educational programs and check out exciting activities to enjoy produced for maturing teens and early adults to get them ready and prepared to begin their entroductory adulthood and guidance to advise their utbest outlook.

Vienmerisce Keign Community

25yrs - 40yrs

Vienmerisce Keign Community, of VMAS is a encorporated organization within VMAS, which acknowledges adults. Good opportunity to meet and socialize with others and get envolved with activities to have essential good memories. F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is an official member of the VM Keign Community of Vienmerisce American Society.


(Inircompromise for the Future)

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Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA


United States of America's FEC 2022 California Senate Candidate, F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire's Political Campaign Committee, Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA (VM-VTM-USA).

Vienmerisce All-Saints (Church) Autiaeir Martreir & Biblical Theology


Vienmerisce American Society provides the traditional common teachings of the original Biblical Theology, provided by the VM All-Saints (Church) Autiaeir Martreir.

Vienmerisce (Temple) Autiaeir Martreir & Gardens Galleria 

Religious & Memorial Monument

Traditional place for VM members to practice meditation and give gratitude for any personal preference regarding the Vienmerisce community, also a outdoor scenic area to discover and enjoy.

Vienmerisce Etytellectual Acquirate (ELP)


Additional or  alternative to primary schooling for youth and young adults.

(Read more about restrictions & requirements)

Vienmerisce Theological Acquirate (ELP)


Opportunity to learn and discover more facts about VMAS-USA's ancestric relations, history, tradition, culture, lingustics, theology, modern day affiliation and more.

waterfall near green-leafed plants

Vienmerisce American National Civic Center

Vienmerisce American National Civic Center, also known as our Vienmerisce American Ethnic Society Building & Vienmerisce American National Civic Autiaeir Martreir- handles all civic networking & business relations, encluding meetings- here.

Location Details

Official Vienmerisce Defini-Pedia:
Vienmerisce American Society VMAS-USA Corporation

Read what our society is all about.
Defini-Pedia, is a primary reference source which defines and summarizes the purpose, meaning and description of the modern U.S. American ethnic entity Vienmerisce.

Defini-Pedia- is the official conformational guide which defines this topic known as, Vienmerisce- and enforms in the following context what this domestic corporation is all about.

Established Since June 2019
Published Since March 2020
Registered Since April 2021

Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS-USA) Corporation

Vienmerisce American Society, also known as the Vienmerisce American Family Society or Vienmerisce USA, of the United States of America is nationally known and associated as the prime title-label Vienmerisce.

Vienmerisce is a Ethnicity, also defined as a All-American U.S. Family Ethnicity, Religion, Language, U.S. American Political Party Affiliation, Business Entity and Civic Community Group located in the United States of America. Vienmerisce is a local identified U.S. American Civic Group, Business Entity, Ethnicity, Religion, and Political Organization, within the United States of America (or nation-country-providence-federation) with its own title-label of Political Party Affiliation, Community Representation and Ethnic-Religious category. Vienmerisce is a U.S. American entity which follows under the same federal laws and government and collaborated citizenship within the United States of America's Republic and Federal Government System.

Vienmerisce can be referred to and categorized as ethnicity (ethnic) community of the United States, U.S. American Religious Organization, U.S. American Family Organization or U.S. American Political Government Association, and U.S. American Business & Social Media Network within the United States of American's social communities.

Vienmerisce American National Civic Center is also known and associated as the Vienmerisce American National Ethnic Society Building or Vienmerisce American National Civic Autiaeir Martreir.

Vienmerisce American National Ethnic Society Group is a All-American U.S. Family Ethnic group identified as the proper name Vienmerisce, which concentrates upon local Civic (Ethnic) Networking & Family Relations within the specific established regions of the United States of America. The Vienmerisce peoples are original community members of the U.S. American-English, U.S. American-Cambodian, U.S. American-Vietnamese Buddhist-Hindi ethnic groups whose regular activities and duties consist of social affairs, testimonial reports, and demographic-audit analysis reports. Majority of the affairs that regard this society organization are civic relations that concentrates on their own religious cultural and traditional historic ethnic family routines such as: business, civic services and communion activities.

Attending a study program or social event is an example of regular routine affairs that are associated among the common Vienmerisce American Society members. Vienmerisce similarly carry-on same habits and routines- adopted passings from their ancestry, having identical ancestric family as original Englishman, Icelandic Denmark Republic, Canadian, Spanish, German, Irish, Scottish, Serbian, Dutch, Russian, Australian, Indian-Asia and African folks, these groups are considered under same classification of U.S. Eskimo-Vienmerisce Americans living within the United States of America.

Vienmerisce American National Ethnic Society was previously well-known and primarily addressed as the Great U.S. American Vietnamese, Buddhist, Hindi, and Cambodian community of the United States of America in many locations and then reclassified with a identified with a new proper title as a label classification to announce the age-separation of the modern generation from the parent generation (Olde English U.S. Americans). Before the mid-1980's, U.S. Americans of this ethnic group were previously known as: Northern U.S. American Eskimo Natives, or U.S. American Eskimo. During the 1990's the United States of America transformed into a nation of unity and began International relocating for studies abroad, accepting and deporting foreigners and citizens to study and welcoming foreigners to settle nearby as International visa students. Depending on the demographics of the state and county, U.S. American family groups were segregated into ethnic groups with according proper surnames. Several U.S. American community groups were lead by large sovereign political communist individuals and monarch groups and continued their traditional culture aside to being reclassified into new group titles-labels within the United States of America to promptly acknowledge social awareness more concisely and regular to maintain the U.S. American reputation also keeping their unity organized by emmediate proper uses of classification practice for administrative organization purposes. Popular U.S. American ethnic groups of the United States of America consist of: Canadian-American; Russian-American, Mongolian-American, Kazakhstan-American; American-Asian: Chinese-American, Japanese-American, Korean-American, Vietnamese-American, Cambodian-American, Thai-American, Laotian-American; Philippian-American; American-European: English-American, Spanish-American, French-American, German-American, Swiss-American, Irish-American, Portuguese-American, Dutch-American, Swedish-American, British-American, UK-American, Italian-American, Romanian-American, Greek-American; Australian-American; African-Americans; Indi-Americans; South-Americans: Brazilian-American, Paraguay-American, Argentina-American; Mexican-American: Central Mexican-American, El Salvador-American, Cuban-American, Costa Rician-American, Peru-American, Puerto Rico-American, Haitian-American, Columbian-American, Belize-American, Ecuador-American.

Now acknowledging an additional ethnicity to U.S. America's modern diverse population, Vienmerisce of the United States of America.

F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire's is the Authorizing candidate, Custodian of Records & Loiveitte for the campaign committee Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA, and is also the Monocracy Leuvaulte, Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte for the Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS). F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is a registered U.S. American political diplomatic representative and candidate for California Senate for USA 2022 (2024) Election.

As a punctual leader and current official Monocracy Leuvaulte, Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte of the Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS), our national representative diplomat, F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire has taken effort upon herself to enact and take responsibility to establish this sincere ethnic society in memorial as the beginning entroduction of the newly All-American U.S. family society generation within the USA of Vietnamese-Cambodian Buddhist-Hindis, an All-American U.S. family historical movement and birth to a blessed youth generation to succeed and progress mannerly. This courageous Judicial Executive Representative has obligated herself as a politician and representative to promote the education for the under-knowledged of the theology of the United States of American Republic System and Federal Government also the beginning entroduction to a progressively vast newly identified ethnicity of the United States of America, known today as present day, Vienmerisce.

This U.S. American Republicist Enterpretuor and political diplomatic representative known as F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire heronicly stimulates the current situation of the present fault of the U.S. American economy and socialist system, engaging the retention of the loss as a factor to establish and empower for more leaders like herself to keep and maintain a strong U.S. America. Vienmerisce American Community Group is derived originally from Miss Keivaulqe Autiameineire ancestric and local family group of original U.S. American-Vietnamese and U.S. American-Cambodian Buddhist-Hindis, the Vienmerisce American Family Society (Vienmerisce-American National Ethnic Society) was announced and established by F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire of June 2019-Present, of Los Angeles County, California; USA.

The primary reason for the establishment of this particular ethnic group is to maintain strong communication as a supportive family associate living within the United States of America and as a national ethnic organization known now as the official Leuvaulte and Veittemeignzce to uphold traditional family education for the future Vienmerisce Youth foundation. Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire hereby establishes this ethnic-community organization to provide a more safer and convinent structure and organized lifestyle for her future family generation to live among. This administrative identity assists in correct and direct practice of maintaining a organized socialist government among communities in local areas of USA. As to focusing on keeping United States of America great and maintaining stable relations, many are networking with regular family relatives and children as youth civic members and educating them from adolescence through adult, segregating members into identifiable family groups to build strong local community inter-communication between commuting individuals with local relatives of their families. Promoting a secure support in favor of mainstream U.S. America's Federal Republic & Political Government system.

Primary purpose of this particular Ethnic Society Group is for members within this specific Vienmerisce Civic Community, such as Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire, to enteract and socialize and plan events to enjoy life and still reflect their prime focus as professional-entelligent regular U.S. Americans. Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire's prime goal is to make USA great again and attempt to establish a strong community of her own with educated prioritized entellect and moral ethics/ascetics to collaborate with this vast modern social environment of racists strangers, whose purpose may be to alter or enterfere and add confusion upon growing adolescences. The contribution that the Vienmerisce Americans will have employed for the United States of America in present time to the future is as the same as any ordinary U.S. American Patriot would, having enbeded the U.S. American name alongside with this Ethnic title whose roots were conceived of this natural land as a civilist natural born American Citizen of United States of America. Regardless having migrant ancestry whose journey from overseas to this current homeland, 'Any offered (spr'e) as a gift should be generously accepted as a present contribution and souvenir of your accord here'.

Secondary purpose is to have a identifiable group name for VM Leuvaulte's modern family to easily recognize each other among the rest of the local population, also easily to identify when they need to find each other or search for services and assistance/help emmediately. Most emportantly still have the opportunity to participate with Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire and national family- enjoying activities on usual timing so Miss VM Leuvaulte's will not grow up distant and estrange to her local or distant and original family heritage, regardless if she is business with her own affairs with no extra time to associate regularly. Good opportunity for the VM Leuvaulte's estrange relatives when they are youth adolescents growing up and seek for advise and options to lead them in an appropriate direction as a responsible and entelligent adult. Over-come obstacles, make good first decisions, discovering themselves, learning the original way of life and the paths that exist in the world. Usually when times are hard growing up alone they will need to visit and speak with family. Anytime when allowed by their legal guardians/parents at their appropriate spare time on their agenda as a adult they are allowed to visit respectfully and enjoy their visit and participate and return to attend more events and activities with VM Leuvaulte, who a the domestic corporation owner and Monocracy Leauvaulte, Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte for VMAS-USA. Purpose why VM Leuvaulte plans to build her private single home and second guest structure and family civic guest-visitor house so that her estrange distant or local relatives can gather and attend/participate with and have a private place to enjoy and be safe. If in any emergency event F.E. Autiameineire needs a place to help assist, she can also spare a temporarily stay at her guest house and not bother enterfere others for assistance.

F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is a member, also the Monocracy Leuvaulte, Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte for the Vienmerisce American Society Corporation, also referred to as Vienmerisce American National Family Society, and Vienmerisce USA. This community is established by F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire as a simple local community 'proper alias' and reference title living within the United States of America and counter enfluence for steady identification to classify her regular Ethnic Family Groups in the local area, simplizing usual procedure to identify local groups, also an ideal essential step to maintain a safe social independent community environment surrounded by other nearby U.S. Americans and commuting immigrants. The reasoning of this specific ethnic title is for classification and primary purpose to acknowledge members by a identifiable proper alias besides for quick-names such as, 'White Asian', 'Kung-Ki Kid', or 'Stupid Mom-Dad', 'Eskimo Kid-Girl-Boy', or 'Buddhist-Religious Freaks'. (Examples of discrimination against diversity in a multi-cultural population). Similar views which detail a summary of discrimination of culture and traditions who share common ancestric family relation to the Vienmerisce also experienced past conflicts of violence and civil disputes. Original family settlers such as Ole' folk ancestry of the Migration of the Chinese from the East to the West, Koreans, Japanese, and other Asians (also referred to as: Vietnamese and Cambodian/Buddhist-Hindi ancestric cousins, also historical cousins of the Vienmerisce).

Hindis from India, linked in relations by Viking Culture of Norwegian-Soviet Russia's and United European grand-society encluded expeditionors of Africa who traveled the world and built establishments expanding the geographic map. The Vienmerisce ancestry were migrators of the 'North' who traveled to many areas of the world, some of these areas consist of where Miss Fepbrina Estrelvia's family who have established nationalities of South Africa, India, Asia, Europe, Eurasia and the Northern-Southern Americas, encluding Australia. These unique foreign countries are special places where they established communities and linguistic bilingual communication with ethnic relatives from traits in strict relations to their ethnic ancestric family and government from the originals of Olde England, U.K.-United Kingdom of Iceland Denmark Republic, Europe-Great Britain British, Norwegians, Soviet Union of Russia to Germany and local nearby countries of Europe. Often found in these foreign languages are words from English, Spanish, Irish, African, Scottish, Dutch, Russian, German, French, and Indian. French, English, Spanish, and German are quad sets usually often found together when dealing with primary U.S. American communities and strict mandatory common family moral-ethics (ascetics) affiliation when associated with specific U.S. American relations.

When dealt with high power-top corporation companies, the Vienmerisce primary stocks and common goods were titled-labeled under another ethnic groups title-label and were classed and categorized as Japanese, German, Korean, Chinese, and American (Latin) industry who are original top scam leaders of the U.S. federal government mainstream product manufacturers-production and labor unions.

Vienmerisce entity play a remarkable role in the U.S. civil economy known as the 'Swift', the 'wave movement' of the self-employed productioning and scam prevention network the newly generation of the U.S. American-Vietnamese Cambodian Buddhist-Hindis, were well known now as the official Vienmerisce- have established, which lead to the emmediate establishment of the emsituated foreign and local enterspecting-prevention within the United States of America.

Another alternative that emerged to keep modern business prime title unalterable and ownership unenterrupted, enstead of referring to the original traditional parent community as holder for the holder's minor representation. Vienmerisce numerously- as a independent provider help aid in many charity and refuge circumstances dealt with international aid. VM had gain respect and a emperior popular reputation nationally and internationally. VM was respectfully acknowledged and recognized in major locations for it's newly established community of Vienmerisce- or as Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS-USA), who are the modern generation of Vietnamese-Cambodian Buddhist-Hindis of the United States of America.

Within the United States of America; Olde-England, Soviet Union, United Kingdom of Republic of Denmark and Poland are the biggest known original family of Caucasian Eskimos and international ancestric parent nation and sponsor for the minor Caucasian ethnicities of the United States of America and other foreign relative nationalities previously adopted and steadily maintained through architectural etymosis-socialized security.

Vienmerisce in their previous history had only very few who opposed against them. Vienmerisce were well-known as veterans of USA, who helped maintained the republic, federal system, education, and social-civil system.

Who were the groups that opposed the USA, and why? The groups who opposed USA were known as the crime lords of populous cities who commuted internationally to seek violence upon any monarchy relations of USA, as a racial feudalist. USA crime unit captured all associated with the thug mob, who also searched for citizenship and employment obtaining administrative positions by armed burglary and envasion. Latin Americans were a large social community within the USA and also known as the faul criminals who regularly burglarized families of USA. They were known to communicate well and appeared to be enrolled at a academic program regularly- observed as a peaceful civil Latin Americans. This provoked an alteration in the USA reputation, USA comrades quickly rushed to join and protect the USA civil society but under obligated terms, for those who seeked to obtain other U.S. American assets only on a conditional basis because of the vulnerable circumstance which arose conflicting more faul attention upon the USA legacy and citizens. These commissioned mercenary groups raided entire neighborhoods while they plotted to illegally monopolize and vandalizing the USA entity. They took disguise as business administrators and taxed small unaware and poorly educated families and new business/non-profit organization entities by adding their labels onto and reselling their enformation and goods as a distribution of their own production. They also took disguise as athletes at Colleges and Universities, creating a credential to enroll themselves as a well-raised and ethical candidate to join the USA military. Vienmerisce entelligence took emmediation and emspondsive action for what had took place as a direct order to halt criminal activity arising in the local area. Vienmerisce took heavy consideration to file a compliant for justice in a civil matter to bring attention to the thievery that had reoccurrance, causing unknowingly deaths and burglary within the U.S. American business companies and communities. The Vienmerisce production company cut off relations from all past foreign country affiliates who previously sent diplomats to envestigate the revenues and manufacturing of the Vienmerisce, purposely attempting to fraudulently exploit the Vienmerisce ownership as their own.

For effective security measures, to prevent future iroperations within USA, USA yield all outgoing and encoming request to foreign agencies to prevent further fraud and violence affected by the simple U.S. American ideal vulnerability the foreign entelligence had detected would give them strong advantage and quick rise in their own economy. USA classified foreign countries as dependents searching for easy hits upon the USA country assets and citizens who appeared wealthy, beautiful, and who were educated. After months and years of ongoing traffic many voided the idea of discrimination which was identified as racist statement against a long-time foreign alliance. Later in depth, the tension silently rose about and vaded into the rise of current and previous civil disputes of discrimination, racism and reoccurring civil violence within USA social communities.

Vietnamese-Cambodian Buddhist-Hindis are ethnic groups with English, British, Spanish, French, Indian-Asia, Norwegian, Irish, Scotland, Dutch, Sweden, Serbian, Switzerland, Roman, German, Russian, Australian, and African ancestry and is well known for being the parent nationality of the Vienmerisce American National Family Society, and also associated as the Vienmerisce American Society-or Vienmerisce and Vienmerisce USA.

Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire wants to build and establish a Vienmerisce settlement consisting of a Vienmerisce School/Etytellectual Acquirate Center, Theological Center, National Sports Park, Bookstore-Library, Civic Community Center, Shopping Mall-Grocery Market Plaza and Vienmerisce Business-Medical Building so she can be a employer, teacher-principal and a director of supervision to fit her society title as Monocracy Leuvaulte of Supervision and Official Monocracy Veittemeignzce of the Vienmerisce American National Ethnic Society. She also wants a National Bank to be able to supervise as VMAS-USA official financial enstitute for VMAS's extraclusive usage to compliment her title as Loiveitte for the Vienmerisce American Society. Vienmerisce Media Network established to be praised as an artist from her community success. Television broadcasting and civic cyber networking, regular civic magazine and newsletter to enform members of emportant news and events and community relations. And last, establish a general Memorial-National Sports Track Park to represent the envolvement of her community within the United States of American District.

Vienmerisce is a modern U.S. American-Political-Business-Social-Civic Community group and sponsored community of the U.S. American Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Buddhist-Hindi Community, who are a local ethnic-religious-political-government-social media network-family community organization. The main employment of most Vienmerisce citizens are: independent contracting, home office, business administration, and directory reception enformation for Civic Services encluding: community well-being awareness, community service management, basic commercial services and family care services.

Monocracy Leuvaulte, Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte for the Vienmerisce American Community is F. E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire, who has established and will direct all associations regarding-envolving individuals-persons of the Vienmerisce American National Ethnic Society in representation as the Vienmerisce American Family Society, Vienmerisce USA, and Vienmerisce.

Miss Keivaulqe Autiameineire is a current candidate for California's Senate and also for House of Representatives of California's Congress District 18 in this upcoming Primary Statewide & General Election which will begin on March 5th, 2024 & November 5th, 2024.

F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is a former Governor and Senator of California and former President and Secretary of Treasury of the United States of America, Canada, U.K. & Soviet-Russia and Former-Prime Minister-Governor/President of China, Korea and Japan. Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire's past employment was as Superintendent Director of Mountain View School District in Los Angeles County and also Teacher-Director. Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is a former legal prosecutor and judge of Pomona Superior Court of San Bernardino County and former clerk from the El Monte Court House, and a legal district attorney who served in the U.S. Military and Sherriff Department, well known by her alias 'Merril Lynch' & 'Taylor Swift'. Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is a gold medalist champion from the International Olympics for numerous events and fields, she participated in multiple sports and is the fastest sprinting/swimming competitor who raced for the International Olympics and a amazing competitor in every field she played.

Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire possesses many technical skills and is famous for her emperial space fleet which is stationed as Earth's official defense tactic and mainland for residential usage and human-life. Her special certified skills consist of her poisive Auto-Aero-Naval Technician-Mechanic-Operator-Manufacturuor and Weapons Artillery-Auxiliary Operator abilities. She is known to be the bestest range shooter in the military and tactic unit specialist. She previously worked for the United States of America Military Union, International Police Unit, U.K. and European Union Military and police; well known as toppest in the U.S. Air Force fleet (well-known as the ultimate Air-Force Brat and Multi-Trillionaire) who owns her own airline and Air Force Fleet; U.S. Naval Lieutenant Captain, who owns her own signature line of expansive heavy ships; NATO and U.S. Pentagon former employed affiliate; former NASA scientist and expert of meteorology and at last, Space Fleet Station owner-productor who conducts regular satellite and meteorology procedures. Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is a expert in enternal and external medicine, also is a former and certified Dentist, Optometrist, Health Physician, Surgeon, Psychologist, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer-Developer, Home Design-Contractor, Fashion Expert, Bio-Gardenist, and Expertise-Creative Animation Designer.

F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is socially well-known for her youth reputation as a U.S. American of English & French modeling and 'silk' reputation as a monarch generation from the U.K.

Vienmerisce is basically Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire's Business-Political Non-Profit Civic Government Community Organization alias she prefers to be referred to as, aside to other ethnic groups and nationality classification. Vienmerisce is a proper title for her affiliates to accurately identify her and her modern business legacy.  

Discover more details about Miss Keivaulqe Autiameineire

Official Defini-Pedia:

United States of American Vienmerisce

F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire, Monocracy Leuvaulte, Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte of VMAS/VMAFS-USA

VEITTEMEIGNZCE: Vienmerisce U.S. American political leadership which concentrates on the convinent structure of a orderly civic government specific for VMAS-USA.

LEUVAULTE: Vienmerisce Leadership (Prime).

LOIVEITTE: Vienmerisce Money Accountant & Financial Clerk (VM Treasury).

MONOCRACY: Only person who manages and directs all associations; prime leadership by one person.

VIENMERISCE: U.S. American β€˜proper alias’ for a modern classification for U.S. American (New English) Vietnamese & Cambodian citizens of a specific family civic community. (U.S. American Vietnamese and Cambodian (Khmer) of New English U.S. Americans).

PROTEACHUOR: VM Etytellectual Acquirate Teacher.

VM Theological Acquirate & Activity Proteachuor

(All terms acknowledged here are used specific for VM enformational purposes only). 



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What primary services do you offer?

Directory Assistance, Community Communicating Network, and Civic Programs.

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We specialize in family civic acquirate orientation and family entercommunication networking assistance. Helping make our community lives more convinent and secure.

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Vienmerisce USA is a non-profit organization society.

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If you end up not liking whatever custom item/service you can discard and ask for a refund upon these reasonings, such as the item doesn't enclude anything personalized scribed with your name or any personal number/coding also is not a physical routine exercise/sport class that you completed and already attended no refunds on things like that, completed individual/group activities. If service is defective and poor quality- you can submit a complaint to our VMAS-USA Leuvaulte and have her review your enquiry. If item is poor quality or you have an issue, please contact VMAS-USA Loiveitte to review your complaint or purpose for a refund on purchased items.

Are you licensed and insured?

No, we do run a public business. VMAS is a non-profit private  organization which is a local civic community society based on our VMAFS specific family ethnicity group. Basically we are a Family Society Group Organization with our own liability which doesn't restrict us from putting up a sign and having events and civic meetings which includes our own private social media publications.

Can anyone just walk-in and hang around?

Absolutely no. Our civic center is specific for our family society only. No tresspassing sign will be posted. Violators will be reported and asked to leave.

Does VMAS offer free meals or regular benefits program?

Yes, VMAS offers many benefits and programs such as meals, housing, transportation, day care for youth, acquirate learning opportunities, medical-nutritionist evaluation prescriptionist exam, child & family planning, cosmetology, individual-family counseling.... +more

Available for society members only.

Are there fees for membership?

No, there are no fees for VMAS/VMAFS membership. But, there are fees for some services such as personalized requests for contracting and services encluding personalized logo merchandise and home detailing.

Is there free parking?

Yes, there is free parking for society members only. No Parking Zone will be acknowledged. All members will have a Parking Permit, members will hang on their permits on rear view mirrors or post decal on visible passenger or back window/bumper.

How long is the process to be an official member?

First will be a meeting evaluation with the president of VMAFS- where you the enquirer will fill out an application answering several questions. If approved you will be given a date to return for a celebration entritiation meeting and given the welcome gift package as a newly praised member. 

Are there job opportunities at VMAS, if so do they offer pay?

Yes, there are job opportunities where you can volunteer as a assistant or tutor. VMAS does not offer paid employment. 

How old do you have to be to qualify to be a member?

Anyone that qualifies can be a member.

Do you provide written statements as proof for legal or authority purposes?

Yes, only in case of emergency. Please submit request to VMAS-USA  Leuvaulte for more details.

What is the business hours for the civic center?

VMAS is a non-profit private family society organization and our civic center is open from Sat-Sun & Mon-Fri; 8am-6pm.

How many locations are there established in the USA?

VMAS-USA Leuvaulte is still deciding, currently locations to open soon will be located in California & Oregon.

What is the mascot for Vienmerisce?

The Vienmerisce mascot is the Giant Pink Water Lotus Lily & the White Dove Bird, which is emblemed on the official Vienmerisce Ethnic Flag.

Is VMAS/VMAFS a strict one gender affiliation community group?

No, VMAFS/VMAS is a all gender & age community; Youth Adult Society which exempts seniors & retriction of 40+ adults. 

Is Vienmerisce racist, against any other nationality/religious- ethnic groups?

No, Vienmerisce is not a racist affiliate society. Vienmerisce is a ethnicity society which consists of a ancestry background from a multi-cultural heritage. VMAS/VMAFS major topics are of anti-social discrimination & ascetics-moral theology.

What is a Loiveitte?

A 'Loiveitte' is a Vienmerisce term used to identify a person of leadership within the Vienmerisce American community who handles emportant roles dealing with financial management and revenues for VMAS-USA.

What is a Leuvaulte? 

A 'Leuvaulte' is a Vienmerisce term used to identify the Vienmerisce American community's monocracy leardership.

What is a Veittemeignzce? 

'Veittemeignzce' is a Vienmerisce term used to identify political leadership within the Vienmerisce American community specific for VMAS-USA.

Get your Education on here @ VMAS- USA's Online Bookstore!

Welcome To Our Online Vienmerisce Bookstore!

Enjoy written publications from the creative authors of our community!

(Available for society members only).

Vienmerisce American Society Bookstore

Contact VMAS-USA and get our lastest publication releases available for VMAS civic members only.

VM Books are available for pre-ordering.

Catelogue will be available online soon.

Vienmerisce Online Literature: Poetry & Short Stories

Vienmerisce American Society Bookstore is proud to provide quick short stories & poetry available to read here on our official website- so you can get more acquainted with what we're all about see up front what authors of our community are currently working on, exclusive peek of their master production here on our VMAS website.

The Legacy & My Journey Home


Leave it where you found it, pack yo’ thangs and get up and be on your way. Can’t believe it’s been years since I first began and now slowly realizing I’m about to take the break I was waiting on my whole life. What imaginable excitement I have enstored as I return home as a glorious champion from my hometown and nationally known heroine. After all these tuff and hard working dedicated decades that I committed as a practical aid for my country and community, should I never forget any award that has present its name on me, my merritt title infinite amongst all my comrades and peers. Looking back on younger years even as a true amature I’d admitt I’m proud my specialty was my factual sense of street knowledge educational background moral ethical mentality and punctual efforts to deliver a complete task. No age is limited to success. My preppy teen & college years was just purely a sturdy push to get me rolling just to test my poise and knowledge, even as I apply my skills in any environment that existed. Nervously I decided to enroll in the military the first-time, I held my confidence high but ensecure cause I wasn’t sure if I really was military material. All I knew that I was possible of great power and success with promising potential to cure heavy stress wherever I am probably to relieve. The thrill of a lifetime and the opportunity to see the world and meet trillions of people, but especially get the privilege to see others like myself who also are growing up traveling down an identical road in their own parallel lives to mines. Great thing about me was I can work for long periods and still present myself appropriate not distracting like a usual β€œslug-slob on break like a hogg”. I’m just a goody little assistant happy and ready to take on the next as it comes. What a school girl, my infinite title which was stamped all over my proud legacy. Who said kids don’t actually run fast. Since I was young I was a pro on handle bars and did pull ups as easy as a metrodome can tick-tock. I did push ups on a regular bases since elementary and throughout my adult life, can’t believe I practically use those skills all day long. On a average normally alot of folks find it physically difficult and impossible to even do 2-5 of them and I did like 45 push ups in a minute. For a kid my hands were remarkably developed at a young age compared to many β€˜cause I took pleasure in writting and loved art, I was always the responsible kid at school to be first to participate and put in a handful even if nobody expected it, that’s just my character. Who knew where I’ll end up running and scoring unbelievable awards. My childhood witt was golden. I was good at planning ahead and preparing when I knew of it cause like how I grew up I’m just genuinely a thrift inspired kid to not waste resources that’s not necessary. I’m not too believably impressive at first sight, also I’m old fashion in many ways, I don’t like to brag or boast of my value to strangers or in public. Like how I was raised when I younger, I follow a doctarine of morals and values that are essential and forbidden to void. I’m a proud official Buddhist and also follow Hinduism, I refer to it as my answers for life, like a encyclopedia of knowledge. Yes, like any person I’m just as judgemental like any person would be. I’m just as strict about who I surround myself with and their affiliates. Surely, everything was worth it, and I returned home like a champion. I even inherited the most unbelievable jobs in the world. My beneficial gain was the privilege to work and enjoy the most longest most accomplishing journey from nothing to everything I knew that I ever worked for. It’s not impossible to be a entrepreneur of your own specialty it’s just common, it’s not common and usual to have a skill and no title. If I never had the ability to physically hold on, like the biggest threat ever, I don’t think I’d even be successful at all.

Give us your opinion: Did you enjoy reading this short story? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more'). 

Angeline the Adventureous


Angeline was a curious and ambitious young lady. This story takes place by a small town surrounded by a terrain with dozens of trees and many unknown hidding places. Walking along a dirt path Angeline discovers a trail heading North, it's almost curfew, shall she take this path now to get where she's going or turn back and continue on her returning trip next time?

So Angeline decides to continue her adventure until tomorrow. On her returning trip from her hike to the wilderness, she walks pass an old couple who hollas out, "Who, and where are you heading at this late hour"? "Back Home" , the girl hollered back to the old couple. Nervously, she waves her hands high in the air and shouts " Thanks for asking! Bye and have a great night two of you! " Immediately she started speeding away as quickly as possible to avoid any further awkward questions from the couple.

Next day, early in the crisp morning Angeline arose excited to continue her trip of the wilderness where she'd discovered a new route. It took her as expected the usual approximate timing to reach the coordinates she left yesterday. She began to continue up the trail towards the North, she assumed would be solitary until a sudden howl began which followed with a startling whimper.

Six wolves appeared suddenly rushing along beside her quickly with starling low pitch groans ducking their heads and clutched down snarled showing their carnivorous teeth. Startling from not far behind and all around slowly approached 16 more. Taking a quick turn around, Angeline sees a hurd of multiple full grown sized wolves headed her direction barking, jumping and howling. "What next? I'm lunch!" Angeline is stuck in the middle battlefield of a wolf rush, how will she survive?

'Angeline the Adventureous' (Brief Introduction of Beginning of a Short Story)

Give us your opinion: Did you enjoy reading this short story? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more'). 
  short story? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more'). 

Awaken Allure


Long ago a dream was lost and now barely starting to slightly awaken, remembered by a wander. Remembrance of memories leading to a bright idea, casting smiles and a odd paranormal security foolishly mistaken as an estrange fellowship. 

Give us your opinion: Did you enjoy reading this poem? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more').

The Story of Winter Gloves


Vinter Solstice Deys

White cumulus clouds began to appear and drowned the skys full, so full they formed heavily upon the fore grounds before me. Heavy and hard textured, it felt identicial to smooth invisible spikes, touchable and queer than any air I've ever inhaled. What is this, stunning horror of delight. Odd I felt from a experience which seem to fade away queerly- but just barely resembling a beginning. I'd stay addicted to rambling through the snow like a pair of gloved fist for fun. 

Give us your opinion: Did you enjoy reading this poem? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more').

Life's Challenges

[F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire]

Never start anything without knowing exactly what you want as the end. Before judging anyone, always leave the memories of your flaws to yourself. If importance is something you value, never consider dislike as your friend. Those who follow don't always carry the voodoo doll at hand. Those who lead don't always have a direction. Those who grunt aren't always what you think, sometimes it might mean what you thought. For all the goodness in this world, goodness will always carry probability. The probability of doubt and confusion. How much goodness could there be to out shine the shadows. 

Give us your opinion: Did you enjoy reading this poem? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more').

Obligated Woman of U.S. America

[F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire]

A story about a young girl... Who dreamt now and slept later.... Who began a simple life and continued on to complete a life of the basic elements of goodness and production of modern day ascetics. Every parent in a fundamental sense of being a responsible leader of a family home set essential laws for themselves to frame their ideal complexion they announce as existance’s well-known LG, 'Life's Goodness'. Having to rumble for the rip'est tomato at the nearby local grocery convinence store, and shuffling around in your wallet for your last chance for a refund. Your chance of any quick response for a call to renewal your stakes to gain a flattering favorus holler were, -very high. You've wandered off and drunken yourself into a predictable illusionus tipsy, where normally- many can relate. Conclusive outcome, contexting the result in the most familiar way available was to just keep things simple like always, nothing ever failed being simple in a world infested with atoms of basics. Passing down good ascetic influence was common practice of a natural born good human, well-known and cited as a modern Caucasus person of U.S. America. U.S. America, a land well-known as the land of dreams and opportunities, because many envy the typical U.S. American's lifestyle and U.S. American business appeal.

Give us your opinion: Did you enjoy reading this short story? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more').

A Phrase Real Words Can't Express

[F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire]

How I recall the first memories of you… Even times I lay awake unable to sleep… the thought of you straining my eyes and conscience awake unable to rest from the sudden memories of a wretch so vain like yourself. Vanity was a word and greed of serial dominance which grasped the throats of that who seeked its company, like myself. An unworthy decision casted about only resulted from a illusion of post-fanitic ideal of failure escaping the grin of a person very familiar but not recognized by the disguise that has been concealed over time. Knowing myself I’d honesty admit being afraid many times always trying to avoid bad crowds of people similar of that kind growing up as a quick observer. How I phrase that idea in a critical judgemental way that it was hilarious and also amusing. I was always described as the jealous and secretive kind, always not worthy of good company or of someone in particular too great to relate to me. A woman being the charmer for instance instead the traditional ideal path in a marital relationship where a male would attract and praise his love and recite what he knew lovely of her. In this case if I was in a church and spoke to a priest and really confessed outta my solemn truthfulness every thought exactly as it was produced and all my heistatant ideas in between I really must be serious, serious enough to be a clear fool indeed. Funny as it sounds but not everyone lives in an old fashion dream, time has taken its course and reality is as it goes. Anything is possible. And I have admit that every year after remembering someone in particular gives me cold shivers and jault of relief that it was finally over with and abandoned, how I felt when I didn’t need to stick in any relative commitment if I was titled a werido and unworthy to be remembered pleasantly, which was the kindest adjectic expression that was used to phrase it at the time being.

Give us your opinion: Did you enjoy reading this poem? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more').

Modesty and the Honest Truth

[F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire]

A undeniable aura with a blinding strong and unmistakable ghost mind. Shall I announce this presence I have discovered. Jealousy was it’s usual combination but in this usual sense a pinch of life being flicked like bitch dust in mid-air like a showdown at a mall plaza’s runway. Please refrain from your overwelming drunkin’ addiction of envy. Envy is the leading cause of hate in the wholest heart. Idiotic retention is not on the schedule this year for tasks listed on my personal objective syllabus. Poor unfortunate wanderer shall I show you to your next destination like a tour guide catalogue with no texts including neither images and pages. Redundant and shameful skits played over and over like the epicest love failure story ever illustrated. Captured by the celestial gods of emotions and intent. Prayers of happiness and sorrow just buried itself down low like a child’s sand pit play purpose. Wales of glory and clashes of vivid life was dwelling nearby ready to shine the darkness to daylight. Finalized drifts that blew a cold low voice which worded each of my obvious thoughts that I mumbled under my lowest breath.

Give us your opinion: Did you enjoy reading this poem? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more').

Distant But Not Forgotten

[F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire]

These words a souvenir which has been granted to you from a person who's soul has fallen deeply in sincere affection with you.

Time And Space May Separate Two Humans, But True Love Will Always Attract Like A Pair of Magnets, What's Surpurpose Is To Connect.

Every thought of you reminds me of the first time. Remember the first time and I will always remember you.

Every memory we ever had is what we will always have together. I will never forget you.

Children are born and created to grow up and live along with their mother and siblings. Children will always love their mother and their mother will always love them back in return.

Mothers are humans who love and create humans. Mothers will always love their children because children were born through a process of science affected from love. Mother's became Mother's because in their hearts they promise to love and protect their children and show them the way of life.

Give us your opinion: Did you enjoy reading this poem? From a scale from 1-10 (1 being 'highly dislike' & 10 being 'Very interesting, I'd love to read more').

Look out for VMAS-USA's future publication release of Miss F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire's publication

A Obligated Woman of U.S. America

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Vienmerisce Theological Acquirate @ VM Autiaeir Martreir

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It's not just a place where you learn good values and manners but a place where you can find answers to how and why you even began to affiliate yourself with it's existance. Also reflecting the role ethics plays in your life from the very beginning to the end.

Greatest advantage about being part of VETA-ELP, is the previlage to be concluded  in a crowd and surenvironment of family strangers, which makes learning about family life history simple and comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a particular mandatory dress code?

No mandatory dress code.

Does VMAS have security pets or house pets?

Yes, only cats which majority hang around outside.

Are Vienmerisce Buddhist?

Vienmerisce is devirved from the well-known Buddhist community and are buddhist since youth. Vienmerisce is a modern society which adopted many modern heritage of communion gatherings such as temple & church enfluences and educational public school system. Vienmerisce is a modern ethnicity and also religion- considered as a local religious community group of their own.

What language does Vienmerisce speak?

Vienmerisce speak their own language and is acknowledge by its name, Vienmerisce. Also is fluent and bilingual in English.

Does Vienmerisce have their own country?

No, Vienmerisce is a All-American society community within the United States of America. Vienmerisce is a ethnic civic neighborhood society of the USA. With no members or affiliation dealing with outside nationalities of USA.

Is this society community owned by one person or a group of affiliates? Who is the owner?

Fepbrina Estrelvia Keivaulqe Autiameineire is the person who established and created Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS-USA), Vienmerisce USA, and Vienmerisce. Miss Fepbrina Estrelvia is the owner of the entity- Vienmerisce and also the Leuvaulte & Veittemeignzce of this Civic Society Community Organization, also referring her as the Vienmerisce term  Monocracy 'Leuvaulte', 'Veittemeignzce', and 'Loiveitte'.

Who is the owner of this Society Community? Is it owned by one person or a group of affiliates?

Fepbrina Estrelvia Keivaulqe Autiameineire is the only official person who established and is the owner of the Vienmerisce entity, such as: Vienmerisce American (Family) Society, Vienmerisce USA, Vienmerisce Veittemeignzce USA, and Vienmerisce (VM). Miss Fepbrina Estrelvia is appraised for being the monocracy community Leuvaulte & Veittemeignzce.

What does Vienmerisce mean?

Vienmerisce is a generated spelling formed by the ethnicity groups of: "Vietnamese', 'Khmer' (Cambodian), 'English', and 'U.S. American'. Modern proper alias to define this community.

Viszphonia Attributes & Audio Mixology

Vienmerisce USA Muziq

Viszphonia Attributes & Audio Mixology

Vienmerisce Muziq lastest releases and available sample recordings will be acknowledged here on our official

VM's Musician List:

Discover the newly appraised VM musicians posted up on our Official Vienmerisce USA Muziq website.

Congrats to Fepbrie Eskeau for her dedication as a contributing musician artist and media specialist on our Vienmerisce USA Muziq.


Fepbrie Eskeau

Narrator, who's voice plays a character's voice and tells the plot of the story.

(Vocalist & Musician)

Vocalist, a person who is the lead singer as solo musician or of a musician group.

[ Northern Wretch ]
[Cupcake Rebellion]
[ Audia Acutia ]
[ October H3artz ]
[ Floral Bl0ss0m ]

Electro-Fusion/Acoustic Melody

Northern Wretch

(Rural Album Musician)

Song writer and vocalist for independent musician artist titled Northern Wretch.

For All Ages.

[First Album Release: Rural County].

Concert Orchestra/Electro-Fusion

Audia Acutia

(Melody & Audiology)

Musician who specializes in musical melody and variety of multiple musical sources to produce a original master piece.

For All Ages.

Choir & Concert Orchestra



Military Marching Band



Vienmerise American National Patriotic Anthem



Specific for Vienmerisce USA Muziq Musician Audience

Stay up with our upcoming events and releases regarding musicians and merchandise. Big favorite musician tees and other cool VMAS-logo merchandise will be available soon on our VMAS-USA website.

Cupcake Rebellion

Vienmerisce USA Muziq

Muziq Artist Fepbrie Eskeau.

For Youth & Teenie Audience.

Etymology of VM Musician Names

Vienmerisce American Rural Album Artists

"Why I choose & how I came up with the artist titles for my music...."  -Fepbrie Eskeau

All enformation provided is entended for VMAS-USA members only. Not available the for public.

Northern Wretch

In response to a typical amature stereotype, a new musician artist will always be observed and judge by everything they do and how they associate themselves. The reason why I choose 'Northern Wretch' is because I wanted to acknowledge and describe how a modern 'racial hater' would stereotype a regular American like myself who is discriminated and judged as a foreigner in a concise title. I'm discriminated for appearing to have something in an idealistic view - 'just anything, whatevers' - jealous of me cause I'm Caucasian, everything I have means I'm nothing. Traditional families and popular memories are usually described and tell stories of trips to forest, lakes, mountains, coastal beaches, snow adventure, and canyons in rural areas with lots of traditional routines. These rural lands contain varieties of wildlife; animals not usually seen in domestic areas of the suburban cities. Major alias for this kind of scenic environment is 'The North' or 'Northern'. Being a young adult of a indigenous family and prestigious background of traditions and heritage often many will snare and haul faul remarks and consider good traits negative characteristics & company. The simple proper answer for that kind of situation is plain jealousy, being zealous is very common. Those who are familiar with jealousy the supreme answer for the outcome for another they consider to dislike is horrid and you can in other words image how another can name someone who they dream to condemn. Horrific wretch, two ideas in one, wreck (bad conditions) and retch or retchet (misforturnate/ shameful-condemning). Ideal applause for a victor to take on in a modern society with tolerance against hate and being an optimistic when bad names are called out, to use it as advantage as a means of reverse to put initial attention to the meaning, being boastive and fully esteemed in a negative environment. Being American, Americians are raised to battle obstacles and accept that you can't change others and their opinion of yourself. Be proud, your labeled horrid and how your fully aware and live a productive life against their zealousy. Discriminating comments and the negative title you are described is a good idealistic counter response to use, what a 'hater' has to say about you. Use that in reverse as a boastive self-esteem affected by your awareness and greater intellect, just consider this a bold reply with just a name in response to a prejudice stereotype's opinion. Sooner or later your hater fan club will start reading 'Wretch' like a phonetic spelling and having the word 'Rich' echo in their minds, mesmorized by the mighty leering memories of your legacy, 'Northern Wretch' (Northern Rich) from the notorious 'North'. Just a title with multiple meanings and both were obviously introducing the right scenario that this Artist title is expressing (myself). Regardless growing up rich or with a little less than average, it makes a good title for someone who traveled a difficult path and found success and has something to boast about. In this modern world, growing up tough in a difficult scenario and making your way accomplishing a major goal and being literally successful and being proud.

"Obviously I'm not literally a 'Northern Wretch' (shameful & terrorized), but I know you want me to be a shameful misfortunate wreck from a society not of your kind. I'm obviously not a failure and I'm fully aware of prejudice exist all around the world and universe, awareness is my forte. I consider my intelligence my strength and productivity my proof, clearly this title goes out in response and provoked by those who say I'm not successful".

-Fepbrie Eskeau

More Details

Audia Acutia

My most boastive masterpiece artist title I came up with was Audia Acutia. I speak a native language where I can find some pre- -sur fixes within multiple languages and genres of subjects such as science medical music mathematical terminology. My specialty title name is obvious here, something I'm proud of and was involved in and have prior knowledge of, such as music and mathematical science. I created the theme title 'Audia Acutia' because I wanted to describe what I'm doing in my own sense of words and how I created it with my own creative quik fun and intellectual ability. Here I began with 'Audia' which is a phonetic spelling and generic referring to 'audio'  - sound, the -ia is the surfix followed by the abbreviated phonetic spelling part which means in science 'repeative' or 'transfer of'. 'Acutia', here I use to describe a quik-intelligence and technique and performance, also refers to as a narrowed angled direction- Acute vs. Obtuse: Acutia: (acute) which here in this title use to describe and title a high pitch sharp sound in a soprano instrument or professional soprano musician's rhythmic-melody. 'Acutia' in this title describes an idea that refers to as creative attractive sharpe and edgey rhythmic melody which possesses unpredictable ability and potential, having unpredictable talent, -ia here can also refer to as a noun, here I use in a multiple form as a person - myself, a girl female, 'Acutia' in this title can also be referred to as quik intelligent female person with excessive techniques of creativity, edgey sharp rhythmic melody and unpredictable ability and potential (talent). Audia (sound/phonia-science repeative transfer of) is escorted with Acutia which counter meaning is like a boomarang - and can also be heard in homophone as 'a cutie', which I don't object to, it's great to have 2-in-1 supportive meanings, the 'sound-phonia science repeative transfer cutie' or 'Audio Cutie'.

More Details

Cupcake Rebellion

Muziq By Featuring Artist Fepbrie Eskeau.

Focusing and getting lost on the cuter side of life and the ideal humor of having to face ridiculous obstacles that would make you commonly react hostile. Just imaging a lil' cutezie kiddies point of view going through a point of rebellion you'll just phrase the scene like a famous book. I thought that idea was hilarilous so I wanted to capture it as a fun artist title.

More Details

Fepbrie Eskeau

Modern Musician Artist & Vocalist

More Details

Vienmerisce Television

Viszgraphic Attributes & Lecturual Media

Vienmerisce Television

The Otrelveite & Kerstifv Brothers

Vienmerisce USA Television

Animated illustrated skitz of young kiddie boys of brothers who represent a new generation of a Modern American Family of U.S. America. Episodes detail dictating about everyday life's obstacles that may not or have occured- noting the moralic of specific circumstances, topics on hardship in numerous results in typical situations, humorous ideas, ideal lifestyle which each character's personalities majorily boasts about and represents.

(For Youth & Teenie Audience). 

Cupcake Rebellion 

Vienmerisce USA Television

Stereotyped as a typical idiotic little kiddie girl trying to pop big goals & dreams of success she is escorted along side with loads of danger. Provoked and affected by her ultimate senses she encounters a resistance against her ultimate dreams, a startling cruel force, labeling herself a rebel. A name fit to title this girl in this utmost challenge coming her way. Are all of you ready for the battle of a life time? The Cupcake Rebellion. Not your typical & average usual acquaintance. Time to face the notorious opponent, ready or not... Here they come! "I spy movement up ahead on the fore front- ground your weapons, on my que.... ready... go" !

(For Youth & Teenie Audience).

Viszgraphic Attributes & Lecturual Media

VMAS-USA's featured televison media shows and record videos available on Vienmerisce Television (VM-USA-TV).

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Vienmerisce Business Center

Official Business Center is located at our Vienmerisce American National Civic Autiaeir Martreir. If you have any questions contact our Monocracy Leuvaulte-Veittemeignzce of VMAS.

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VMAFS/VMAS Civic Services Available

Our civic services are available for VMAFS/VMAS members only.

Civic Services

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Financial Advisor Available

Contact a advisor to help you get back on track and get organized. Overcome your biggest obstacles in life.

Financial advisor is here to help assist you reach your most convinent next step.

Available for VMAS-USA civic members only.

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Monocracy Leuvaulte & Veittemeignzce's Entroduction:

All you can know about the official Vienmerisce American Society Leuvaulte & Veittemeignzce.

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F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire Monocracy Leuvaulte & Veittemeignzce of VMAS-USA
Her roles as leadership & member of our civic community.

"Remembering to avoid procrastination and focusing on getting things done as essential directive to success".   - F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire

Monocracy Director/President

Monocracy is used to describe the role of the Leuvaulte-Veittemeignzce and Loiveitte of VMAS-USA. Monocracy simply means the only person who will handle and manage all administrative duties regarding VMAS-USA, will be F. E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire.

"Quit Sweat'n Buckets, Criss-cross your hopes on it".   - F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire

VMAS Membership & Media Specialist


Honorary Recognition of Civic Membership Award presented to F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire from VMAS-USA. Encludes the eligible role of Media Specialist for VMAS-USA.

Journalist & Publisher


Miss Keivaulqe Autiameineire is the prime director of all VMAS-USA media publications and a creative author from our Vienmerisce Library and VM Bookstore.

Products & Service Manager


F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire is the director of management for all Vienmerisce Merchandise & Services distributed from VMAS-USA.

Clerk & Administrator


Authorized Licensed Recognition Approved by VMAS-USA. License of Recognition for Civic Employment from VMAS-USA.

Vienmerisce USA Certificates of Recognition:

Honorary Congratulations to our official Monocracy Leuvaulte, Veittemeignzce & Loiveitte of the Vienmerisce American Society of the United States of America, F.E. Keivaulqe Autiameineire.

Here you can see the summarized roles and certificates awarded to Miss Keivaulqe Autiameineire from the Vienmerisce American Society (VMAS-USA).

Monocracy Director & President (CEO & VMAS-USA Coporation Owner)

Civic Employment - Business Administrator & Enformation Service Clerk

Political Representation

Civic Membership & Media Specialist


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